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The sleds at the top of the list have been recently added. Everything else below is in order by year.
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Please Note: This listing may not be 100% accurate. While most Sno*Jet's are easy to identify, sometimes they mixed and matched parts throughout the years. This makes properly identifying certain sleds a bit trickier, especially with the 67, 68 and 69 models. Most of the sleds listed in here have the year and model listed that was supplied by the owner.

Sled Submitted by
1975 Thunder Jet and 1974 Sabre Jet 650 Duane and Darren MacInnes
1974 Thunder Jet and 1975 SST F/A's Donald Meisner
1969 Sno*Jet Greg
Race Sleds Michael Gifford
1972 SST Bob Swenson
Sno-Jet Collection Alain Binette
Sno-Jet Collection Kris Kainulainen
Sno-Jet Collection Unknown
1972 Thunder Jet 650 Kevin Archer
1974 Whisper Jet Alen Frydenlund
Sno-Jet Collection Travis Haugstad
1972 Thunder Jet 295 André Bélanger
1969 Sno*Jet Jeffery Dysard
Sno*Jet Collection Brent Greenwood
Sno*Jet Collection Jean Pierre Cardinal
1968 Sno-Jet Model 300 Mike Roode
Sno*Jet Collection Jim Fiege
Thunder Jets Darrel Regush
Sno*Jet SS (modern version of a Sno*Jet) Gaston Blais
1974 Sabre Jet Eric
1971 Star Jet Rene Caya
Sno*Jet Collection Richard Kepler
1975 SST F/A Jean Pierre
1975 SST F/A Mike Nelson
Sno*Jet Collection Dave Anderson
1972 SST Brandon Karnik
Sno*Jet Collection Richard Adam
Sno*Jet Collection Jeff Alderdice
1965 Sno*Jet John Livingstone
1966 Sno*Jet Barry Bender
1966 Sno*Jet Friends of Beefy
1967 Sno*Jet Serge Vachon
1968 Sno*Jet Don Lawrence
1968 Sno*Jet Colin MacIntyre
1968 Sno*Jet Dennis Prior
1968 Sno*Jet Normand Fournier
1968 Sno*Jet Deluxe Pierre Levesque
1968 Sno*Jet Deluxe Pierre Lalonde
1968 and 1969 Sno*Jets Alan Mosbeck
1969 Sno*Jet Dennis Barry
1969 Sno*Jets Yves Lauzon
1969 Sno*Jet and 1971 SS Jet Jeff Theisen
1969 and 1971 Sno*Jets Michael Miner
1969 C205 Chad Haag
69/70 Cross Country Sno*Jet (C205)? Yves Fradette
1970 Star Jet /w Suspension MOD Glen Haggard
1970 Sno*Jet Randy
1970 Super Jet Lon Wagner
1970 Super Sport Roland Leblanc
1970 and 1972 Star Jets Todd Tourond
1970 Super Sport Restoration Robert Tringali Jr
1970 Star Jet Reg Vertoli
1970 Star Jet Mark Wiederkehr
1970 Star Jet and more Bert Gerrish
1970 Star Jet 340 SS Alain Gagné
1970 Star Jet 340 SS Arnie Coulson
1970 Jet-A-Long Steve Dahnke
1970 GT2 Stephane Lanthier
1970 GT3 David Schark
1971 Thunder Jet Ron Bleile
1971 Thunder Jet John Davis
1971 Thunder Jet Dale Ray
1971 Star Jet Mike Baker
1971 Star Jet Patrick Bourdon
1971 Star Jet Yanick Jolin
1971 Star Jet Deluxe Ryan Perro
1971 Star Jet Deluxe, 1977 Astro SS Mario Lacroix
1971 SS Jet and 1972 SST Rebecca Yoblonski
1971 Super Jet Marcus Goetsch
1972 Thunder Jet Scott Lawson
1972 Thunder Jet Ryan Bartley
1972 Thunder Jet 340 Tom Secora
1972 Thunder Jet Vance, Mike and Stanley Tomlinson
1972 Thunder Jet Paul Bellefeuille
1972 TJet 650, 75 SST F/A Presidential Barry Bender
1972 SST Rod Hutchinson
1972 SST 292 Scott Johnson
1972 SST and 1968 300 Craig Maybore
1972 Star Jet +2 Jeff Cofran
1972 Star Jet +2 Jon Radtke
1972 Star Jet Yvan Mailloux
1973 Astro Jet Steve Lizotte
1973 Star Jet Ken Manchulenko
1973 Star Jet Matt and Kevin Olson
1973 Star Jet Luc Ravenelle
1973 Star Jet David Luc Dugas
1973 Star Jet and 1977 SST Tim Reil
1973 Star Jet Eric Arndt
1973 SST and Star Jets Peter Ryan
1973 SST Craig Heilig
1973 SST Dan Givan
1973 SST Brad Fischer
1973 SST Kris Mickle
1973 Whisper Jet Ron Weber
1973 Whisper Jet and 1972 Star Jet Alex Burns
1973 Star Jet and 1974 Strato Jet Dave Moulden
1973 Thunder Jet Trevor Maclean
1973 Thunder Jet Tony Crnkovich
1973 and 1975 Thunder Jets Nick Youker
1973 and 1975 Thunder Jets Andreas Hedlund
1974 Thunder Jet Kevin Sicard
1974 Thunder Jet MOD Mark Nernberg
1974 Thunder Jet Paul Pelletier
1974 Thunder Jet 340 Don Evans
1974 Sabre Jet 650, 1975 SST F/A Presidential Todd Koehn
1974 Sabre Jet 650 Kemper Freeman
1974 Sabre Jet 650 Steve Mollen
1974 Sabre Jet Alan Gardner
1974 Sabre Jet Francois Lachance
1974 SST Dale Okkelberg
1974 SST Gary Kist
1974 SST Sam Tambe
1974 SST Paul Fisher
1974 Astro SS Emmanuel Dion
1975 SST Jeff Jones
1975 SST Modified Kevin Walker
1975 SST Mountain Sled Adam Jacobson
1975 Astro SS Nick Wright
1975 Astro SS Landon Pearson
1975 Astro SS Tony Lachman
1975 Astro SS Ken Rooney
1975 Astro SS Mod Timothy Jodar
1975 Thunder Jet Dave Mitchell
1975 Thunder Jet Mario L'Ecuyer
1975 Thunder Jet Greg Samuel
1975 Thunder Jet Dan
1975 Thunder Jet Greg Mancini
1975 Thunder Jet MOD J. Beckwith
1975 Thunder Jet Carol Begin
1975 Thunder Jet Dave Trueman
1975 Thunder Jet Nick Youker
1975 Thunder Jet MOD Mike Lange
1975 Thunder Jets Andre Lacaille and Richard Seguin
1975 Thunder Jet and SST F/A Presidential Jason Thomson
1975 SST F/A Presidential Model Barry Bender
1975 SST F/A Red Baron
1975 SST F/A Neil Berthiaume
1975 SST F/A MOD John Schmidt
1975 Astro SS Jason Ledbetter
1975 Astro SS with suspension mods Adam Hood
1975 and 1977 SST Jim Mayo
1976 Astro SS Gregory Sherpertycky
1976 Astro SS Morgan Horn
1976 Astro SS Randy Oettinger
1976 Astro SS Mitch Potter
1976 SST John Kennedy
1976 SST Ken Dean
1976 SST Chris Campbell
1976 SST Brian Strong
1976 SST Adam Donison
1976 SST John Lynch
1977 SST Jim Thorne
1977 SST Tom "NHTom" Snell
1977 SST Jeremy Himmelwright
1977 SST Francois Tremblay
1977 Astro SS Scott Palmateer
Custom Sno*Jet Duane Gano
Thunder Jets Bob Hastings
Thunder Jets Dennis Dicamillo
Thunder Jets Robert Ross
Phantom Jet Prototype Unknown
Sno*Jet Kids Sled Don Stoll
Sled Submitted by Collection includes
Racer Collection Jerry Mcgee GT2 and several other brands of sleds
Sno*Jet Collection Tom Hakl A couple Thunder Jets and a Sabre Jet
Sno*Jet Collection Percy Burke 65- Sabre Jet, Astro SS, SST F/A, Star Jet
Sno*Jet Collection Scott Hassevoort Thunder Jet's, SST's and Astro SS's
Sno*Jet Collection Michael Riggs Several 1974 Sno*Jets!
Sno*Jet Collection Eric Hart Astro Jet, Astro SS and SST
Sno*Jet Collection Carl Hagelin 1967, 1968, 1971, 1972 and 1973 Star Jets, 1974 and 1975 SST's and many more!
Sno*Jet Collection Gary Krieg 1975 to 1977 sleds
Sno*Jet Collection Yves Émond GT2, SST's and Whisper Jets
Sno*Jet Collection Rick Drijber A bit of everything!
Sno*Jet Collection Charlie Fylstra 1969, 1971, 1974
Sno*Jet Collection Dean Schrader 1969 and 1974
Sno*Jet Collection Greg Hellmuth A few Jets in his Sno-Jet Shop
Sno*Jet Collection Cedric Fradette SST's and more
Sno*Jet Collection Pierre Marchand About 75 sleds total
Sno*Jet Collection Vern Jenks 1968, 1969, 1972
Sno*Jet Collection Ross Gjerdingen Custom grass dragger, GT1 and more
Sno*Jet Collection Michael Palmer Thunder Jets and more
Sno*Jet Collection Conrad Blain SST's, Whisper Jets, and Thunder Jets
Sno*Jet Collection Yves Fradette SST's, Thunder Jets, Star Jets and more!
Sno*Jet Collection Guy Schuett A whole fleet of sleds!
Sno*Jet Collection Doug Ruf Several SST's and a Thunder Jet
Sno*Jet Collection Stephan Brien Star Jets and SST
Sno*Jet Collection Denis Poulin 1968, 1969, 1970 Star Jet, 1973 Star Jet, 1975 SST, and more!
Sno*Jet Collection Brian Kaveney 1972 Super Jet, 1973 Whisper Jet, 1974 Astro Jet and Sabre Jet
Sno*Jet Collection Steve Weeks 1972 SST, 1973 Starjet, 1974 Sabre Jet and 1975 Astro Jet and SST, and 1976 SST
Sno*Jet Collection Bernie Blain Little bit of everything!
Sno*Jet Collection David Sprenger Whisper Jets, Sabre Jets, and a Jet-a-long cutter!
Sno*Jet Collection Don Merkens 1968's and an Astro SS
Sno*Jet Collection Jeff Haugen 1969, 1973 Star Jet, 1974 Astro SS
Sno*Jet Colletion Guillaume Paquet SST's and Star Jets
Sno*Jet Colletion Adrian Freeman Super Jets and SST's
Rare Sno*Jet Collection Jay Carsley Thunder Jets, Phantom Jet, SST and more!