The sleds below belong to :

Todd Koehn

Now these two sleds don't actually belong to Todd. They are a couple of old pictures from 1970 he found. Pretty neat look sleds though huh?


This is the 75 SST Presidential Model. It is a pre-season SST F/A. Very rare and in excellent condition!

Todd "Rotaxhead" Koehn from loves Big Blue ones too!

The dealer who owned this sled widened the ski stance 1 1/2 inch both sides. The sled is going to stay the way he modified it other than cleaning up the welding. It made a terrific difference on the handling of the sled, and also gives the sled more character!

The 650 is a very rare sled, only 281 were built mid season 74. It would run all over a 433 Sabre Jet! Top speed running along side a 650 Indy Polaris was between 84 and 87 mph. Clutch engagement is 4,500 rpm.