The sleds below belongs to :

Dave Anderson

Dave's dad used to be a Sno-Jet dealer, from 1973 to 1977. Dave managed to track down 3 of the sleds his dad originally sold, Dave even setup the sleds out of the crate back when he was 14 and 15. Here's a list of all the sleds below:

Starting on the right is a 1976 440 SST with Polaris Indy front suspension. It has Polaris track and drivers and a 1972 Thunderjet fiberglass.
2nd one is a 1975 440 ThunderJet - restored.
3rd one is a 1973 ThunderJet unrestored.
4th on is a 1974 650 SabreJet in restoration process.
5th one is a 1974 440 SabreJet.
6th one is a 1975 440 SST Free Air.
7th one is a 1975 Astro SS 440 restored.
8th one is a 1974 SST 440 restored.
9th one is a 1973 SST 340 unrestored.
10th one is 1974 SST 340 unrestored.
11th one is a 1974 Star Jet 433
12th one is a 1974 Whisper Jet parts sled
13th one is a 1973 292 Star Jet unrestored and runs.