The sleds below belongs to :
Ross Gjerdingen

This sled is a perfect example of a completely original modified grass drag racer circa 1971. It had started life as a 1970 Sno Jet GT-2 396, and in 1971 was modified for grass racing. The only stock GT items are the chassis (though heavily modified), and the bottom end of the motor. Here are the specifications:

Engine: modified 396cc Yamaha twin F/A sleeved down to 338cc, SR heads
Fuel: methyl alcohol/Klotz racing castor, 20/1
Carbs: twin model 820E2 Mikuni diaphragm type, modded for alcohol
Exhaust:twin hand built alcohol stinger pipes
Suspension:early Kalamazoo Engineering "Sandblaster" aircraft aluminum alloyed grass drag racing suspension
Track: 15" Gates involute drive "Poly Trac"
Other features:
Fabricated convertor jack shaft
Fabricated steel convertor safety shield
Drive shaft lowered 1", chaincase extended One gallon mid-mount fuel tank with dual pickups
Early Kalamazoo Engineering safety tether switch
"Ape hanger" handlebars
Westach "Tic Tac" tachometer
Original race numbers (151), and MISA "Safety Chek'd" inspection label

This machine was originally a 1970 GT 2 modified back in the day for grass racing. Was located in Ionia, Michigan in 1996. There is a strong possibility that this was one of Jim Adema's the process of researching it's provenance. It is a rare survivor nonetheless.

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