The sled below belong to :
Gaston Blais

Have you ever wondered what a more modern Sno*Jet might look like?

Update 2017: The 121" track has now been upgraded to a 136" with a wahl suspension. The rails were changed and wheels were fitted. See the photos below. Keep scrolling down to see earlier versions of the sled.

Update 2015: The sled has now been setup for drag racing. Its using a ZR800 engine. The original driveline was removed, and there is now a modified jack-shaft setup with the secondary clutch off the ZR800. Its a right hand chain case off a Summit 800. The sled is scary fast now!

The original setup:

The sled was originally a 1974 Astro Jet with a 440 Yamaha F/C, bogie suspension, and the original ski stance was 28 inches.

Gaston's brother bought the sled new in 1974, and had it for about 10 years. It was driven up until 1978, after that it was outside with a tarp overtop. It stayed there until 1986 when Gaston paid $100 for it. It was pretty rusty, but he still rode it up until 1997. From there he started the modifications at the body shop he was working at. The sled still has the original Astro Jet tunnel, which is why the engine is mounted mid-chassis. The rear section of the tunnel was cut-off, and the alluminumm tunnel from a 1990 Arctic Cat Prowler was attached, along with the rear bumper and radiator. Two more small Rupp radiators are under the Prowler seat which has been re-upholstered and now says Sno-Jet.

The rear suspension is a 75 Snojet suspension with a few modifications to fit a 1990 Arctic Cat Wild Cat track. The upper handle bars are also from the Wild Cat. Originally the motor was swapped for a liquid 530 cat motor, but with pipes it was too noisy and wouldn't work on the trails. Next came a 650 Wild Cat motor, again with pipes, incredibly fast, but couldn't go on the trails with all the noise. Currently there is a 550 liquid motor from an EXT, the original exhaust is fitted under the hood. The sled also uses the Wild Cat bellypan that was cut in the middle and modified with the corner pieces of a bumper from a 96 Chevy Cavalier and a custom made aluminium one for the centre. The front suspension is homemade, the bumper is from a Kawasaki Drifter. The skis and gas tank are custom aluminum pieces.

The hood has been modified extensively. The air vent is off a Mach 1, the side pieces are from a 75 snojet, Wild Cat air vents, and the front of the hood is off a Kawasaki Drifter. All those pieces were put together with fiberglass, and it took a long time to get everything to fit properly in the bumper. The hood was recently repainted, and looks great!

It's pretty safe to say there isn't another Sno*Jet modified like this anywhere.

Gaston calls the sled a Sno*Jet SS.

Scroll down and enjoy the rest of the pictures.

These are the older photos, prior to the recent updates.

Here is the sled with the older paint job.

The original sled.

This old hood was used for part of the new hood.