The sleds below belong to : Carl Hagelin.


1977 Kawasaki Sno*Jet, completely original.

The 1968 Sno*Jet Standard

The Original Sno*Jet Tarp.

The 1974 Sno*Jet SST 295. All original except for the windshield.

1968 Sno*Jet Standard with the deluxe seat and a 300 Hirth. Its been completely restored. Everything is Sno*Jet except the paint and the blue sides of the seat, the backrest is completely original

1971 Star Jet with a 292 Hirth. Completely original!

This is Steven and Mark Hagelin on a 1972 Star Jet 292 and a 1973 Star Jet 292. Notice the Sno*Jet jackets. The Sno*Jet sign is about four feet high and seven and a half feet long.

These pictures below were taken from a newpaper article from february 18 1996. Carl now has about 20 Sno*Jets now.

1976 Sno*Jet Astro Jet 295. Only 450 original miles.

Newer Sno*Jet sign from an old dealer.

The older style Sno*Jet dealer sign from an old dealer.

Brand new bogie wheel assembly.