The Blue Bippy's - courtesy of Eric Mersnick

Photos and Articles of Jim Adema Racing at Kawartha - courtesy of Ralph Sonley

Rare Photos of Jim Adema Racing - Anonymously donated

1971 Thunder Jet IFS Experimentation - Anonymously donated

1971 Thunder Jet Testing Photos - Anonymously donated

1971 Thunder Jet Development Photos - Anonymously donated

1971 Thunder Jet Design Sketches - Anonymously donated

1972 Thunder Jet Additional Development Photos - Anonymously donated

Vintage Racing Photos - courtesy of Ian Corbett

True Blue: Remembering Jim Adema - by Tom VanDyken

Sno-Jets Last Prototype - by Kemper Freeman

Sno-Jet Prototypes and the Phantom Jet - by Kemper Freeman

Sno-Jets Presidents Council and Presidential FA's - by Kemper Freeman

Sno-Jets Timeline and History - by Kemper Freeman

71/72 Thunder Jet Development - Rare behind the scenes photos of the 71 and 72 Thunder Jet being developped.

Thunder Jet II Prototype - This should have been the follow-up to the 73 Thunder Jet. Until now, no one has seen these photos, they're pretty incredible!

Thunder Jet World Record Holder - Did you know that a Thunder Jet was once the fastest sled in the world?

Vintage Racing Pictures Courtesy of Bob Mackin - A few incredible Vintage Racing Pictures, you don't want to miss these!

R&D - Sno*Jet Design Sketches - From the R&D department in Quebec.

R&D Team - Some information on the R&D team that brought us the Thunder Jet.

75 SST F/A - An interesting story on the development of the SST F/A.

Phantom Jet - A Sno*Jet prototype that didn't quite make it to production.

Jim Adema - Some history on Jim Adema, great information and pictures.

Thunder Jet History - How it all started...

Racing and Rare Sno*Jets - A few different images, includes some details along with production numbers.