Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

Here are some photos of Miles Bendixson when he was racing his Thunder Jet, as well as a bunch of articles from that time. Miles still currently owns the sled. How did Miles wind up with that sled? Keeping reading...

You'll see my name in some of these articles as well; however, I only had one Thunderjet, my mod 1. We obtained that sled from a customer that came into my Dads body shop and ordered it and decided to back out of it in the summer of 72. Dad and I went to Alexandria Minnesota to the Sno- Jet distributor to pick-up our normal load of family sleds along with this Thunderjet. We couldn't back out of after ordering it. We had driven almost all the way home about 225 miles and I asked Dad what we were going to do with this Thunderjet. He looked at me and said your going to drive it this season. You can only imagine my astonishment, a dream beyond my wildest imagination! All the rest is history and what experiences we had winning on top of the most advanced sled in the industry!