This Sno*Jet is sort of an ongoing project. I am trying a new motor and clutch on it. Also I have to thank Bernie Cole for doing a terrific job on the seat.

Here it is after putting brand new decals on it. My dad and I were up till 1AM getting the two sleds ready for a good days riding.

Thats my Grandma looking out the window. The 340 originally was hers, boy was she surprised to see the 440 looking brand new.

In front of Bob Stowes house.

In front of Bob Stowes house.

In front of Bob Stowes house.

At the top of the Valley.

At the top of the Valley.

Thats about 60 mph down the lake. Towards the end of the day, my dad and I were racing on the sleugh. I was winning and going about 60 mph, when I heard a giant klunking noise. I stopped as fast as I could. I checked around, and couldn't find anything, then this black oil (was clear when put in) was dripping out of the left side. Anyways, the chain broke and piled up in the bottom and broke the chain case apart.

Here is the 340 and 440 together. This is what made my grandpa really happy, having two matching Sno*Jets!

I finally finished the hood!!

Working on the hood but almost ready to paint!

After all the work on the old suspension I got a new one.

The repainted Yamaha 440.

My dad working on the engine.

Most of the parts were repainted.

So we made a new piece.

As you can see we had a little problem, a piece of the hood was missing.

Had to do alot of fiberglass work.

It sure gets messy in the garage quickly.

After an afternoon of hard work I am finished.

Here is the Sno*Jet just waiting for me to take it apart.

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