1974 Sno*Jet SST Restoration

In August 1974, Grandma and Grandpa Read made an unexpected trip to Peterborough, Ontario. He had read somewhere that Sno*Jet was selling out and they had some surplus 1974 Sno*Jets that they were clearing out. Grandpa and my dad drove to Mississauga and literally found stacks of Sno*Jets in crates. He bought the SST 340 & 295 on the spot, and loaded them in the truck. After arriving back in Manitoba he proceeded to order more. The cost at this time for the 340 SST was about $450. He picked up a few more, and sold them. In 1975, he removed the 295 from his Sno*Jet and replaced it with a 440 Yamaha. He never changed the gear ratio from the 295 and ended up with a very strong towing sled that only went about 55/60 mph top speed. This machine was used on a trap line and towed a sled every day. In 1986 when Grandpa passed away this sled was given to his grandson Casey Brown. Around 1993 it was returned to the farm and entombed. This sled was no longer running. Today, May 16th 1998 was resurection day.

This is where the Sno*Jet sat for years.

After cleaning out the shed, we turned the Sno*Jet around to pull it out.

In order to get the Sno*Jet out, dad decided we had better move tractor. 6 gallons of water and 3 cranks and the case was running. Next, grab the logging chain off the wall and the Case brought the Sno*Jet out of its tomb.

Now we are on our way home with my summer projects and all it
costed us was to mow the lawn. I always feel like a hillbilly when I go to the farm with my dad. I have to pull my hat down over my eyes so no one recognizes me.

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