These are pictures from March 7/8 1998 in the Assiniboine Valley approximatly 5 miles north of Virden, Manitoba on a "horse shoe", a very long sleugh! (The perfect dragstrip, about 4 miles long.) I am the one in the green suit, my dad in the black suit

A neat picture of the almighty Sno*Jet in motion. (Very hard to take, had to drive beside at the same speed and take the picture, but worth it.)

Showing what the Sno*Jet can do!

Showing off the Sno*Jet.

An attempt to have a good picture but failed because I couldn't make it.

The Sno*Jet working its magic.

This is in my grandma's basement, after a day of great snowmobiling. We put it in the basement to put the original skis and shocks back on and clean it up.

The Sno*Jet in motion at the top of the Valley.

Probably my favorite picture of the Sno*Jet at the top of the Valley.

The Sno*Jet at the top of the valley.

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