1975 SST 340 F/A

So technically its done, although it still needs some work after the first winter. I had it out at the races, but had several issues. Unfortunately I'm not really able to test where I'm living, so my first time on the sled was the morning of the races. I won't go into details on all the issues, but I'm hoping it'll all be sorted out for next season.

Here are a few shots from the races.

How it all started...

I recently bought this sled from a friend. It's been sitting for quite a few years, but definitely has a lot of potential. The goal is to set it up as an oval racer. I'm going to keep it stock, other than the basics needed for running ovals (carbides, studs, lubrication setup).

The sled made the trip from Regina to Calgary in the back of my dads mini-van.

The engine is completely rebuilt and ready to go. Special thanks to Richard Schropp for doing a great job, seems like the rebuild was done in record time. Now the pressure is on, I've got to make the rest of the sled look as good as the engine!

Here's the hood. A few shots of before and after.
I wanted to make it a bit different/custom. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I just spray painted it, but I used a better quality paint.