Ski-Boose Restoration

 Special thanks to Bernie Cole for doing a terrific job on the seat!

I had an old piece of windshiel material, and just cut out the shape.

I put trim around it.

The Sno*Jet in front of the house with the Ski-Boose behind it. When you sit on the Sno*Jet, the Ski-Boose sits level. All thats left for the Ski-Boose now is I may whip up some decals for it.

The Ski-Boose was brand new around 1967. It started out Ski-Doo yellow, then when my grandpa got his Sno*Jets in 1974 the Ski-Boose was converted from Ski-Doo yellow to Sno*Jet blue.

Christmas, around 1967, there was a very pleasant surprise waiting downstairs.

This picture is from 1989.
(left to right: Bradley Read [little brother, 4] Ron Read [my dad] Casey Brown [cousin] Blake Read [me,8])

This picture is from 1991.
(left to right: Casey Brown [cousin] Bradley Read [little brother, 6] Blake Read [me,10])

In May 1998, the Ski-Boose is resting quietly in the shed with the Sno*Jet stuffed behind the 1933 Case. The old Hiawatha (5 Horse Power motor) is probably 80 years old and will still start, guaranteed on the second pull. After a while the motor will quit because the water pump isn't working.

Here is a picture of me, after I took the Ski-Boose apart.