Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

Miles received this magazine from someone out in Montana while racing out there. It is all about the race scene in Montana, Wyoming, and probably Idaho as well. Apparently Sno-Jet had quite a presence in the race scene out there at that time looking at all the Thunder Jets in this magazine. All the photos were taken by track photographers like the ones Miles obtained after major races were over with after the days racing. They usually had photo booths set up with scads of 8"x 10" black and white photos they processed and printed that day and up could choose the ones of yourself if lucky enough to find them.

In one of the group of photos down from the top is a pic of Jim Noble riding his infamous 650 Thunder Jet. It is the tiny pic third one down from the top he's passing an Artic Cat EXT, he has his trademark helmet with brim, checkered sleeved coat and dark pants. He was a tiny man only weighing about 126 lbs. This pic shows him in his trademark riding style passing on the extreme inside of the track. The next pic of interest is the top panorama photo of the fourth set of pics down from the top. The mod 1 Thunderj Jet in the middle with the guy with the full face white bell helmet is Miles' friend Terry Thorpe racing in West Yellowstone.