Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

Here's a few photos Miles submitted for the 73/74 racing season, specifically for Butte, MT. The photos were taken by trackside photographers and his brother-in-law, Gary Hagen. Gary is the fellow sitting on Miles' Thunder Jet. At a race previously in the season (in Crosby, ND), one of his competitors came by and thunked the spark plug with a wrench of some sort. Miles found out when the engine shut down due to poor spark contact late into the race. From that point on, he never left his sleds unattended, you'll notice the engine is covered as well.

With the race, Miles had a bad hole-shot and had to come back in the race passing the Arctic Cat Formula II, and then Jule Rugg on her chopped and painted Polaris. Then there's a photo of Miles almost passing Bill Leipheimer on his Ski-Doo. Miles had touched his tunnel with his outside ski, throwing him at an angle before crossing the finish line.