Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

Here's a few photos Miles submitted for the 74 racing season, specifically for Butte, MT.

That's Miles sitting on the 73 Thunderjet in between heats in Butte. There's a photo of Julie Rugg, who Miles met at that race and were sort of dating. You'll see her racing her 340 free air Thunderjet in Revelstoke Canada and her riding her chopped down Polaris Mod 1. Miles was asked by her parents to ride her Thunderjet in a 35 lap endurance race where Miles gladly accepted. Unfortunately that sled did not run well at all; but would have made little difference as Jim Noble retro-fitted special gas tanks on his 650 Thunderjet got the holeshot, coasted ahead of everyone and won the race. Of course there was no limit on engine displacement, he out foxed everyone and took home the largest pay-out of the day! There's also a photo of Miles' friend Rick Rolandson and future teammate for the 74-75 season. Note the Kohler Sno-Pro semi behind him.