Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

If you weren't already familiar, Miles is a fine artist. Here's some of his work. The first photo is something Miles drew of the Sno-Pro race teams while in College.

Then there's an image of a 71 Thunder Jet. Keep in mind, Miles drew this one up as a freshman in high school, from memory. This was well before he decided to pursue artwork as a career.

A pictorial display of the SST with a group Skidoos and a Moto-Ski with skis up having fun. Miles did this for a slide show presentation project while going to school to get his degree in commercial art in Bismarck ND. The images were done in watercolor.

There's a line drawing of a 1986 Yamaha V max followed by the full color version painted in airbrush on a sweat-shirt. Miles was hired by a lady who saw his airbrush shirt painting station at Dayton's department store during Xmas. He did the actual shirt after the holidays that year for her husband.

The rest of the photos are about one of Miles' other passions. There's a painting of various vintage Saab's coming down a Rocky MT. pass. This image was printed on T-shirts and given to all people who signed up for the tour across Colorado. It was also made into a limited edition canvas Giclee print that he did for the 2009 Saab Owners Convention. Take note of the top left corner and the top right side corner. Notice anything? The last photos shows the 1999 Saab Owner Convention. That's Miles' booth in Keystone CO. If you look closely, you'll see several line drawings of various Saab's with caricatures hanging up above his booth.

You can check out more of his work here