Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

The first two photos are of Miles in the mod 1 A main race in Williston ND. The second shows him taking the checkered flag for first in that race. All by himself in that race which was not an uncommon place to be on a Thunder Jet back in those days. The next pic is of another Thunder Jet rider named Carter Tangesdal from Maxbass ND. Racing on a 340 free air Thunder Jet in Moose Jaw, Sask. Canada. Canadian races Miles attended were Estevan, Moose Jaw, Regina, Wetaskiwin and Meadow Lake. The next pic is of the Sno Jet dealership in Weyburn, Sask. Canada. The next photo is of Miles' friend Rick Rolandson, second from the left with one of the Corbett brothers who were down for that race in Minot ND.

Miles is also in that race on his mod 1 more to the right. This was a heat race for 340 mod and his friend Rick is on top of his 340 fuel injected 73 glass sled he bought from Delton Olson. They both bought the Thunderjet Racing suits that year before the season, Miles still has his. The next pic is of him on the starting line with his 440 fuel injected Thunderjet he bought from Del Olson. The guy on the 72 glassed Thunderjet is Carter Tangesdal from Maxbass ND. The next pic is of Miles later in that race taking the checkered flag for that heat. Terry Thorpe and all the Thunder Jets dominated that day with Terry taking Mod III, Mod II, 440 free air, 340 free air and second in Mod 1 next after Miles.

Overall a good day for Sno Jet taking the majority of the classes, sometimes finishing first, second and third in certain classes.