Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

Here's a few photos Miles submitted for the 74/75 racing season, specifically for the West Yellowstone Spring Round-Up. The first photo is something Miles drew of the Sno-Pro race teams while in College. Did you know Miles is a fine artist? You can check out some of his work here

A friend of Miles talked him into trying the race scene one more time for that 74-75 season, after promising his Dad he'd go back to school after that quarter; in which that season took place. The next photo is a little relaxing time with his brother-in-law Gary Hagen, a friend Kevin from high school and his sister Sherrie. Then a photo of Kevin and Sherrie.

Then there's a photo of Miles on the starting line in West Yellowstone, in a heat race day in mod III. He's on his 440 fuel injected 73 Thunderjet. You can see him standing up on the sled with his distinctive Thunderjet racing suit with the white sleeves and dark outer material. The guy next to Miles is Leroy Lindblad on a Polaris Sno Pro sled. The last picture is of the Arctic Cat speed machine Gary photographed on the Yellowstones track.

Miles placed third in Mod 1 behind the Dorffman brothers from Arctic Cat in the Mod 1 A-main final. He did not finish well at all in 440 mod and wasn't ever in the running. In that class they had to race the Sno Pros. Yellowstone was his last race for the season and for good. He left West Yellowstone after the last race With his friend Kevin to go back to school to major in Art at North Dakota State University. Miles was done racing at the ripe old age of 20! That very next season our beloved Jim Adema was killed racing on a factory Yamaha sled. Every time Miles entered into a race there was always that haunting feeling something like this could happen; so he got out at a good time before any major injury happened and when Sno Pro had pretty much had taken over!