Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

Here's a few photos Miles submitted for the 73/74 racing season, specifically for the West Yellowstone Spring Round-Up. The first couple photos of are Miles Bendixson racing Delton Olson's 440 Thunder Jet. Dicing it out with an EXT... Right right leg dragging in the snow, where seconds before he was parallel with the sled, legs stretched probably about two feet off the sled seat hanging on for dear life. The track was moguled out in turn 3 and 4 after so many races that day, which made the track very rough. The photographer was in the right place at the right time. Also a photo of the Delton's Thunder Jet being towed off the track as it shut down. But at least it was another Sno-Jet doing the towing.

Miles went down there with Julie Rugg and her parents in their motorhome. This race was the following weekend after the race in Butte MT. There's a photo of Miles working on the sled in the enclosed trailer, and another photo of Julie's dad welding the handlebars to shorten them. It turned out to be a good idea as the sled was easier to control after doing so.

Miles was always very happy getting ready for the races, whether it be training, riding trail sleds or going through the sled and putting new studs on the track. There some photos below of Miles on his way to a mod 1 A main win. His dad, Odean, brother in law Gary and future race team partner Rick Rolandson working on his sled before the A main final. As well as a photo of Rick Rolandson visiting with Julie Rugg who raced in that same final. Miles' brother in law, Gary Hagen watching his sled before the race.