Photos courtesy of
Miles Bendixson

Here's a few photos Miles submitted for the 72/73 racing season. There's a photo of him on his 73 Thunder Jet, taken by trackside photographers after winning Mod 1 A main in West Yellowstone's Spring Round Up. For that race, they tore down his sled and measured the bore and stroke to make sure the CC displacement was in compliance, afterward spray painting the head to note that he passed. I guess this happened on many occasions, and there's probably quite a few coats of black paint on that head. There were also quite a few Japanese photographers taking pictures of his sled after winning that prestigious race. Chances are they worked for Yamaha as they were decked out in Yamaha gear.

There's also a photo of Miles' dad, Odean sitting proudly on top of the Whisper Jet that just arrived at their dealership. As well as some photos of the payment breakdowns from 72/73. It includes what place he tooks at each race that year for North Dakota and West Yellowstone, MT.