Sledding in Manitoba 2013
Here are a few pictures from Winter 2013. We camped out and did some sledding, it was great!
In this first picture, this was taken prior to an evening ride to get to the cabin in the woods. We had 4 sleds, but the newer skidoo had broken down, and the 74 SST needed a recoil rebuild. It just so happens that both the 73 SST and 77 SST didn't have working headlights. So my dad and brother made the trek in the dark with only a headlamp.

74 SST 295, 77 SST 440, and a 73 SST 440 with the ski-boose hooked up.

After a bit of cross country skiing, i dropped the camera in the snow, but picked it up in time to get this shot the morning after.

We went for a long ride, 3 Sno-Jets. Keep in mind, I've hardly used the 73 SST. We picked it up at an auction years ago, and have very few miles on it. It seemed to be running pretty well that weekend though. About half way through the trip, it quit. We took a break, let the sleds cool down, and the 73 SST just wouldn't run, and was very hard to turn over. We had to tow it back, but there was too much snow. Even trying to pull it in our existing tracks wouldn't work.

After a couple trips back to the shop, my dad found an old piece of aluminum roofing. He hauled it up, we propped the sled on it, and were off! As we got it moving, I had to push from behind, and hop on. Whenever we'd slow down or hit a hill, I'd have to jump off, push, run and get back on. Quite a bit like dog sledding. With no steering, it was quite the adventure! I made it back in one piece. I still need to pull the engine on the 73 SST and figure out what happened. Hopefully it'll be running again for next winter.