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Reproduction Thunder Jet Skis!

Contact Bob Friesen at for more information.

Reproduction Thunder Jet Fiberglass. $200 US for all 3 pieces (white gel-coat) for the 72 Thunder Jet.

For more information, email Mark Vollbreecht or you can call him at 920-565-4217

I believe Mark also does reproduction glass for the 73 Thunder Jet's as well.

True Blue: Remembering Jim Adema by Tom VanDyken.
Here is a peek at the cover of the book. Click HERE for more information, or go directly to

Reproduction Thunder Jet Parts!


Reproduction Chain Case Cover for the Thunder Jets!

They are gray primer gel coat, paint them any color or run them gray. The finish is perfect .
N ote: they have no removable plug, so that can be added to the persons own taste .
The back is flat and smooth for a good seal .


Reproduction Belt Guards for the Thunder Jets!

Email Jason or for ordering, prices or more information.

For Sale: Reproduction Sno*Jet Rubber Hood Straps. These are perfect reproductions, and will fit the 73 SST, as well as the 75 / 76 / 77 SST and Astro SS Models. Goes under Sno*Jet part number 120503. $15 US + $3 US for shipping for a pair. Email for more information.

You can also check out: There are even reproduction thunder jet sno-flaps available, go take a look!


For Sale : Copies of Sno*Jet Manuals. Most models available from 1966-1977. Please email me for more details.

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Please email

Barry Knoblauch Service : Barry has tons of parts for most sleds, and cool stuff like IFS kits. He specializes in John Deeres, but deals with all types of sleds.

Cove-Side Wheel and Ski : Old Sno*Jet dealer, now deals with Polaris' and have quite the collection of snowmobiles in their family run business.

The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Vintage and Antique Snowmobiles Classifieds is your best bet for finding parts for your snowmobile. The best part is that it is FREE!

Looking for a hard to find part? Try Mr. Tin Cabs Page!

Dan Klemm of the Snowmobile Barn Museum has over 150 parts sleds and sleds that could be  restored,  

email him at or call him at 973-383-1708