About Me

Where do I begin? I guess I was exposed to Sno-Jets when I was just a kid. Keep in mind, I was born after Sno-Jet sold out to Kawasaki, so even then they were older machines. My Grandma and Grandpa had a pair of matching 74 SST's. When we would visit them, my dad would always haul all the kids around in the ski-boose.

Fast forward a few years, as a teenager I started putting some miles on my Grandmas SST, which was still in great original condition. That's actually around the time when this website started. I was looking for some specific information on Sno-Jets, and I couldn't find much. I set out to find as much information as I could, compiled it all, and voila! With all the information, and new found confidence/eagerness, I decided to take on a project, my grandpa's 74 SST. It was pretty beat up, and had been sitting for several years. I have to thank my dad for helping get me started. He bought me some of the tools required, and gave me a hand along the whole process.

Skip ahead another 15 years or so, this website has grown tremendously, and I've added several more sleds to my collection/project queue. I'd have to sit and think about an exact count, but I think I've got around 25 sleds at this point in time. About 5 of them are in good running order, another 5 more just need a small amount of work to be in good running order, then the rest are projects. On top of general trail riding, I'm somewhat involved in racing. Its been mainly vintage drags, but I'm trying out vintage ovals as well. Even though I can't do much sledding in my neck of the woods, I still enjoy wrenching on the old Sno-Jets. I figure it keeps me out of trouble.

Feel free to send me an email read_blake@yahoo.ca, I'm always happy to answer any questions or just chat about old sleds. Thanks for visiting!

An old photo of me, my dad, and grandpa on of the original Sno-Jets. I believe this photo was taken around 1987.