1975 Sno*Jet SST 440 F/A Restoration

Update 2011: The sled has been sitting for some time, I had to swap some parts, and I finally got it all back together. I still need to do some fine tuning, and the sled will hopefully get a fresh paint job and the seat recovered.
Below are pictures of the sled with the New Bombardier 121" track installed.

I have a comet 102 with a pretty high engagement speed, so the track really digs in and works well with the 75 multiflex suspension

The snoflap will no longer fit because of the track and suspension extension, I've actually got a smaller flap on it which works well.

We had a few problems installing the new track. For some reason there was way too much slack, so we had to redo the suspension by pulling the actual slide rail back 3 inches.

The pictures below are from the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Trade Show in Saskatoon of 2000, I had my Sno*Jet as well as my Skiroule on display.

Below are pictures of the sled when I first got it.