1974 Whisper Jet 440

This sled popped up on facebook early in 2020, and wasn't too far from me. I've always liked the 74 Whisper Jets. I believe that was the best looking of the three years. While this one isn't bad, it isn't great either. The engine needs a rebuild, the rear drivers need to be changed, it needs some structural fiberglass work on the hood. Then there's the beefy ski spreaders to come off, a rear trunk to be replaced, and something to be done with the seat.

I'm plugging away on it, trying to make it usable on the trails, I'm hoping to make some quick progress and will update as I go. For down the road, I'd love to upgrade to a later 440 fan engine with a few more HP. And if that track ever goes, I'll be very tempted to upgrade the track and suspension.