1973 SST 440

I picked this sled up years ago. It was actually a friend who spotted it at an auction and grabbed it for me. Since then, I'd had it running, but never really had the chance to put many miles on it. Over the years, I put on a new seat, swapped over to a better hood, a new set of coils, and that's really it. Its always fired right up.

The photos below were taken on a sledding trip over winter 2013. Unfortunately, the SST broke down on us and had to get towed home. If you want all the details, I've got them listed in the Pictures section of my page, under Manitoba Sledding Trip.

My goal is to get the sled running, and probably just keep it as is for a while. Maybe someday it'll get torn down, repainted and put back together. For now I'll be happy just to have it running.