1972 Thunder Jet 295

This project goes back a few years. It first popped up almost 10 years ago, unfortunately I wasn't able to acquire it at the time. Was tracked down in rural Saskatchewan. It ended up going to a close friend of mine. After years and years pursuing the sled, it finally came to my garage.

Its a bit on the rough side, but most of the important parts are there. The handlebars have since been rechromed, the crack in the gas tank welded as well as the whole tank being dyed. While the chassis isn't terrible, there's lots of little issues. The 72 tunnel are near impossible to weld. I'm leaning towards installing a reproduction tunnel, that way this sled will be perfect.

I have most of the parts and pieces collected, just need to get some new fiberglass and build a correct seat.

How the sled looked after coming out of the bush.

Mock up of the sled with some old fiberglass and an old seat I've got.

All stripped down.