1967 Moto-Ski Capri Restoration
I sold the moto-ski a few years back, it went to a local moto-ski collector, so its in good hands. It was a fun project, and what a blast to ride!

I really lucked out on this sled. I noticed it sitting in a field near my house a couple years ago. I just kept looking at it and thinking about it until I decided I wanted it. My dad and I tracked down the owner and he said to just take it away. Loaded it up and straight to the car wash. The seat was rotten so it went to the garbage, and we washed away 15 years of grime and sludge. Took it home, emptied the gas tank, don't worry it came out nice and rusty, back to the car wash to rinse out the tank. We cleaned the carb, and squirted gas in it. What do you know the 300 hirth fired right up. I bought a new plug the next day and rigged up a sprite bottle filled with gas and away I went. I think I looked pretty funny driving it around on my lawn. That tin can they call a muffler was pretty loud. I really like the sled and am doing a complete restoration. I need the following parts : hood grill, seat, taillight lens. The hood grill is by far the most important. Thanks!

Look at those monster spreaders