1974 Sabre Jet 650 Registry

I'm currently putting together a list of all the 1974 Sabre Jet 650's still around today. There were around 280 to 300 sleds made, the goal is to find a current count and hopefully confirm the total amount.

This is a private registry, only registered members will be able to see all the information. If you own a 650 Sabre Jet and would like to become a member, please Email me (read_blake@yahoo.ca) with the following information: Serial, Model, MFG Date, Owner, Contact, Condition, and Notes on sled.

Once you've emailed me all the details, I will provide you with a confidiential login, and you will be able to see all the information in the registry.

There are currently 27 650 Sabre Jet's listed in the registry. I know of a few more, so I'm currently contacting the owners to gather the information for the registry. I'm very excited for the list to grow, so check back to see how many more pop up.

Current members, Click Here to login to the registry.